Why your website isn’t getting visitors

Do you need more website visitors? Ever wondered why no one visits your website? Most business owners are excited about getting a website created for them but they leave the website after being designed and never put in the required work of getting it noticed to the needed public. What good is a well laid out website without anyone seeing it? none!

It’s like putting together a great combination of clothes and accessories and sitting in your room all day! A fabulous website needs to be seen by your potential audience. It needs the necessary publicity to convert to sales and bring in the required income to help meet your target.

Why your website isn't getting visitors



First thing first, SEO. I cannot stress the importance of this technique enough, it is very important to configure your website with Search Engine Optimization. Most small business owners do not budget SEO when putting together website design and branding costs. Your SEO is very important. It is the magical tool that gets your website to your niche market. It sells your website with ease. It does take a lot of work and effort on the part of your designer to get it up and running but it is very important to use keywords to get your website going.

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There are so many ways to get your website to rank higher in the results of search engines. The main idea is to consider using you keywords. Make sure to include your keywords in your page title, meta tags etc.



The truth is simple, if you want website visitors, you need to blow your trumpet always. Get your social media pages across all platforms to spread the word about your amazing website. Create daily or weekly contents on all your social media accounts from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Invite your friends and family to like your business pages and help share to their loved ones as well. You will be amazed how much this singular action can help show the cyber world what your website has got to offer.

If you have the budget for advertising, you can try out paid ads online as well, like google ad words, yelp.com and Facebook.



Is your website responsive? does it show well on tablets and mobile phones? do you have to zoom in to view on mobile devices? These questions are important because more than 60% of customers and online visitors check via mobile devices. If your website isn’t responsive then you need to talk to a professional web designer asap.

Also, how is your design? are you still stuck on DIY website with layouts that does not give the eyes and brain a welcoming hug {giggles}

Your website needs a professional outlook to get people visiting over and over again. Seek help today if you need a designer.

how to get more website visitors


Need more online visibility? start creating a blog about topics relative to your business or topics that your visitors can benefit from. By always adding new and relevant content to your site, your website will show up on search engines and generate a little bit of traffic from these articles you have blogged about.

It is hard work to blog but it does improve the the degree to which your website will be attracted to people and will give more prominence to it on the internet.

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