New Project- Business Card Design

February 1, 2018 Branding
wow factory card design tampa

It was such a great pleasure working with an artist based in Tampa Florida on this project. I did enjoy every time spent on this project because Wyndy, (my client) was a sweetheart to work with. We started off when we met at Target, Wesley Chapel and we started discussing what we both do. I was fascinated by what she did, painting on balloons, faces etc. I never knew artistry was that deep and interesting and I must confess I learned aRead More

Main reasons why your website needs to be responsive in 2018

January 30, 2018 Website design
responsive website

Do you know why you need a responsive website in 2018? Welcome to my blog and my website, this is my new blog post for the last week of January 2018. As a Tampa Florida based website designer, I decided to start writing about website design and branding to improve my user experience and keep them interested in learning more about the website design process because most people do not know much about the business or requirements of website design,Read More

New logo design alert

January 28, 2018 Branding

I love creatives and I enjoy working with them. Here is a logo created for a young budding fashion designer. she wanted gold and I decided to give her two shades of gold and a touch of black with a gold wreath as the border. Awesome!  

Why you need to hire a professional website designer instead of DIY

January 18, 2018 Website design
the importance of a website designer

I know some people believe the website designer charges too much for what can be done by a layman. They keep forgetting one thing, the website designer is a professional with a wealth of experience of design and graphics. This is the post about the importance of website designer. If you do your website by yourself you will think you are saving money but in the long run, you will be spending more because you would have wasted so muchRead More

The power of presentation

January 11, 2018 Branding

While working today, I thought of a few cons I have seen affect brand images over the years, the brand power of presentation. I have made some personal mistakes when my business started some 11 years ago back in Lagos. I was a young, naive chemical engineering university graduate in love with colors and graphics. My love of graphics prompted me to start creating beautiful designs with Microsoft publisher which was a free software in Microsoft office. Had no priorRead More

Why small businesses need websites

January 9, 2018 Branding
why small businesses need websites

I often hear small business owners ask if they actually need websites for their businesses since social media provides the avenue to market and showcase their products and even sell online. I know most people believe websites are not needed but believe me a serious-minded business owner needs a website to grow his or her business. There are many reasons why a business owner needs a working website, credibility is number one of it.   Many consumers have been scammedRead More

Calligraphic fonts and how they add value and style to your designs.

September 29, 2017 Branding

Fascinate your prospects with curvy calligraphic fonts. The calligraphic fonts style of writing has been around over a long period of time. Design creatives use calligraphy fonts to add style, elegance and a sense of class to their design. For me particularly I love using this font when am working on exciting projects in the field of fashion, beauty, interior design, daycare etc. This is because it excites the niche and people my clients are targeting. I do not workRead More

Developing Your Brand Strategy the right way to grow and brand your business.

June 12, 2017 Branding

Brand strategy is one of the most important steps in the marketing plan process and getting your business projected correctly. It’s often the element that most serious minded businesses don’t leave behind or joke with, and it is very crucial in creating a company’s identity and purpose. There are main tactics your brand strategy must adhere to, they are simply the Purpose of your brand, why are you in business? Secondly is Consistency – Without consistency, a business will struggleRead More

Latest logo design for Finerys

May 9, 2017 Branding

I love when I get referrals and this was my excitement when Finerys CEO called me to book for a logo with us at ESSLIMS. I consulted with her, got her vision right, and started working on what I call the first impression. We created six designs and she was meant to pick one. I was glad she went for one of the creations, because when we design, I always get lost in my art. I never know the bestRead More

CitiPrints Moodboard

May 9, 2017 Branding

The mood board we created for Citiprints, website design in progress.   

From our clients

Adejare Adebowale
Adejare Adebowale
17:17 19 Feb 17
We had a lovely website done for us. Very classy and an epitome of professionalism. Thanks esslims.
Adebukola Yusuf
Adebukola Yusuf
20:22 19 Feb 17
Quality, Reliable and Affordable website,I will recommend them any day,Weldone!
Ade Adejare
Ade Adejare
16:36 19 Feb 17
Best website design experience ever
lamina olanrewaju
lamina olanrewaju
17:16 19 Feb 17
Quality job.
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