You are currently viewing 5 signs your website isn’t performing as a sales tool.

5 signs your website isn’t performing as a sales tool.

Do you want to know why your website is not performing as a sales tool? When a new visitor lands on your website, you are super excited because it is an opportunity to market your business and give a good impression on someone visiting for the first time.

It’s the job of your website to sell your products when done right. But sadly sometimes, this is not the case because your website does not look great enough to do it job. Below are the reasons why your website is not working for you as a sales medium.

signs your website isn’t performing as a sales tool.

Long or slow load times

Does your website take forever to load? Most website visitors get discouraged and exit the website when it takes too long to load a page they are excited to visit.

Ideally your site contents should load in 2.9 seconds to rank high in search engines. Optimize your site contents in order to have your site load time become faster.

Signs your website isn’t performing.

High bounce rate

This is one of the clearest signs that something is not right on your site, it can be the navigation, how you communicate or the user experience. Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave your website page without visiting other pages nor taking any action on your site. 

This is often used as Google ranking and it will hurt your site if it is too high. The average bounce rate is 50% . Keep your content engaging to have web visitors keep digging into your site and eventually taking actions. 

The bounce rate indicates when a user enters your site and does not generate any action on it, this means that they originally showed enough interest to get there, but you failed to keep them engaged.

On average, a good bounce rate is between 40% -50% and you can find this indicator in your Google Analytics report.

Site responsiveness – Your site must be optimized for mobile. 

Your site must be optimized for mobile.

In 2021, your website has to be responsive. Responsive site means your design must adapt to any device or browser to offer good look and feel for your visitors. A modern and productive site should be responsive because most visitors come from mobile devices.  

This is especially the case on pages that are a few years old, when mobile device browsing was not as common as it is today. However, it is surprising how many newly created sites do not have a mobile first design.

In this case, if your site does not work for these types of devices, it is better to do it again from scratch. Recreating or redesigning your site to be mobile optimized is very important. 

In addition, you reduce costs because you do not have to maintain a website and a mobile site, since you already have everything in the same channel.

How make your website work for you and increase your sales.

Low conversion rate 

Sites are supposed to convert from leads to sales be it from newsletter sign ups, collecting leads etc 

Your site should be turning your guests to your customers. To help with this conversion rate, have a sales funnel on your site to collect leads that will eventually be converted to clients or customers. Sales funnel can be newsletter signups, downloadable documents to help your customer with their pain points etc

Old technology and programs.

If your page was created 10 years ago or more, it is likely that it uses technology from those years, which can be insecure and in many cases be already discontinued; like Adobe Flash Player.

Your design looks old or, you have social media icons that don’t even exist anymore.Like still having Google+ social icon on your site, is a No No.

A good parameter to know if your site looks current is to check that the icons of social networks are the ones they use at the moment and also update your apps and plugins.  

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