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How music inspires me when designing

One aspect of me I love so much is soul music. Music helps creativity, It lifts my spirit when am low and  gives me inspiration when I need to create my designs. As a web designer, I cannot but listen to some cool music when working. Last night I was listening to one of my favorite tracks of all times by Aretha Franklin {queen of soul}, “Ever changing times”  and it brought back good memories of my second year of university back in 1991.

Aretha Franklin

I would listen to that song repeatedly on my Cd player, over and over again. So loved it and it became my go to song when I need to feel good. Till now, I still sing it now when I feel low and it works like magic to make me feel awesome!

My kind of music

The best part is when am working, I can listen t0 over 6 hours of music basically soul music, r&b and hardcore rap by Tupac and Jay-Z (am old school like that) and never feel exhausted. Music is actually food to my soul, good music I mean not the nonsense most artists spill these days, I honestly can’t stand those lyrics, lol.

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