Why you need to hire a professional website designer instead of DIY
the importance of a website designer

Why you need to hire a professional website designer instead of DIY

I know some people believe the website designer charges too much for what can be done by a layman. They keep forgetting one thing, the website designer is a professional with a wealth of experience of design and graphics. This is the post about the importance of website designer. If you do your website by yourself you will think you are saving money but in the long run, you will be spending more because you would have wasted so much productive time on designing a website that will never be on the same level as the professionally designed one and then you will be back to point zero! This brings me to my first point :

Importance of Website Designer

It Saves You Time and Money

Hiring a website designer saves you money and time because it gives you time to focus on running your business as against fiddling with a button color change or how to add the perfect layout that will take all the time and still not be placed right and then your website will lack quality.


If you hire a website designer, you will get high quality finished product. Your website will have all the codes well written and placed in the order needed for digital marketing and social media sharing buttons will all be in place. A website designer will help you with direction on how to target your right audience and which will, in turn, drive appropriate traffic to your site.

A website designer has productive ideas as to what to create, the perfect layout for your website, the best timing for your opt-ins, color psychology on which colors work with your prospects and customers. How to combine the colors and a professional designer has a dedicated process for the design from start to finish and also time management is involved. This is a major factor in the importance of a website designer


A website isn’t what you just create and abandon till you need to renew the fees after a year. This world of hackers and data stealing requires a dedicated person to help manage the website, keep it updated so that it doesn’t get compromised, fixes bugs when they arise and keep everything on the website backed intact and free of spam. That is the job of a professional.


A designer creates a beautiful layout which in turn converts to a very profitable website. This is so because the first impression is everything and a potential customer gets completely sold when he or she sees your professionally designed website. It clears all forms of doubts and makes the client comfortable. Check out our portfolio to see amazing designs we created.

Digital Marketing

The designer understands where all pixel codes needed for your marketing and when to integrate them into your website. This is what most DIY-ers cannot come to terms with and it always makes their website less professional. This will definitely affect the marketing of the website positively if done right.

Responsive Website Creation

A professional website designer understands that a website needs to be fully responsive to mobile and tablets use. This is a very important aspect your designer will incorporate into your design processes and give you a high-quality website.

All these points if considered will give you a better understanding of the importance of website designer. Contact Esslims today for a free consultation and let’s get your project started! Email us at info@esslims.com, Contact us now

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