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Main reasons why your website needs to be responsive in 2018

Do you know why you need a responsive website in 2018? Welcome to my blog and my website, this is my new blog post for the last week of January 2018. As a Tampa Florida based website designer, I decided to start writing about website design and branding to improve my user experience and keep them interested in learning more about the website design process because most people do not know much about the business or requirements of website design, that I have noticed from my social media adventures of the new year. This post is a detailed information on why you need to have a responsive website if you do not already have one.

As a professional in this field, I will like to share some information with my readers to give them a better understanding of the website design process as to some whys and when. One of them is the “why do I need a responsive website”

What is a responsive website?

responsive website
responsive website


It’s simply a process that allows a single site to adjust or react to the size of a device and show differently on multiple devices of varying sizes. For example, if I am checking a website on my laptop it will show up in a big desktop layout which will be too tiny on my mobile device and will require me to zoom in each time I need to check it on mobile. This was how websites were viewed in the late 2000s and that game has changed now. The large layout is streamlined to the size of the device you are checking it on, be it mobile phones or tablets.

This is a core process that every website is required to have to satisfy the user, makes it easier to the viewer to explore the website and view the website pages while creating a better user experience which is what every entrepreneur wants to achieve in customer satisfaction.

Increase in the use of smartphone

In the past five years, the smartphone users have increased across the globe. It has become a second nature for anyone to have a smartphone. Even ten-year-olds have their phones or tablets to surf the web with, unlike when just a few elites had the opportunity to own smartphones.

Most times I do not even touch my laptop except am working because my iPhone can practically do all I need to do with my laptop if it isn’t major design work. I can access all the websites I need to check, shop online, order pizza and contact my clients with my project Management tool. You really do need to have a mobile-friendly website so that you will not be cut off in the smart device world frenzy. You need a website that has easier access to your customers.

responsive website
responsive website

Increase in mobile device traffic

You need to attract the website traffic coming from the mobile device users. It’s over 80% of website traffic streaming through the smart device usage. You need a website that can keep people engaged and that should be a friendly responsive website. This will, in turn, improve people’s engagement on your website, drive sales and improve your income, so think about it!

Online shopping is way easier and cooler with a responsive website

Users will love your website if they can just come online and buy from you with a friendly responsive website. Most times, I just lie down on my chaise and shop away on my device.


Social media engagement

With a well responsive website, your social media plays a vital role in bringing people to your website. Most social media apps are accessed from the smartphones and people will want to see a friendly website from their devices and not get to a layout that will annoy them or keep confusing them when they come to your site from Facebook or Instagram.

Google SEO

Your Google ranking will Improve because Google loves responsive websites, the ranking of the mobile website is different from the desktop website. So get a responsive website to keep your ranking up even on mobile, it has way more traffic than desktop.

It’s also cheaper than having an app.

It’s way cheaper because you need not create an app or a separate mobile website like does. With WordPress platform that I work with, the mobile and tablet versions come automatically with the website package which in turn reduces your overall cost of website design while giving you the best responsive websites you require.

If you will like to discuss how to get started on creating your own website and making it responsive, simply contact me at to talk and chat about the process of website design. You can send me a quick chat via the contact page.

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