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Why small businesses need websites

I often hear small business owners ask if they actually need websites for their businesses since social media provides the avenue to market and showcase their products and even sell online. I know most people believe websites are not needed but believe me a serious-minded business owner needs a website to grow his or her business. There are many reasons why a business owner needs a working website, credibility is number one of it.

why small businesses need websites

Many consumers have been scammed online by the so-called Instagram shop owners and businesses alike. People now prefer doing business with a business owner that has a standard professional website for their brand. A business that is functional with a payment gateway and has a credible domain and web hosting registration are more likely to make sales than a mere facebook shop.

why businesses need websites
Why small businesses need to have websites

Also, a website gives you an online portfolio where you can showcase your products and services with different options for available platforms and designs be it Wix, WordPress, Squarespace etc. This portfolio is yours and cannot be taken away from you like some social media accounts get hacked or suspended for suspicious activities.

Having a website gives small business more opportunity to be found in search engines if all your SEO is in place. You will be known on google search engine with the power of SEO using the right tools to project your keywords. This, in turn, will boost your market value, increase your business growth and get you functioning at a high level. Within six months of creating my website and setting up SEO tool, I was able to get to the first page of Google especially with the local listing tool which I added my website on. Its very clear a website is the only platform that can give me that opportunity because it is unique and only relatable to me and my business.

Having a good website gives you the opportunity to collect data via lead generation forms which can be used for your newsletter spread or blast when you have a new product or service to sell. This is a great advertising tool that can be gotten from your website. Websites are not expensive to maintain at all contrary to what most people believe. It usually costs less than $100 per month for maintenance. Don’t wait around for too long to get started, find an expert today to get a consultation and create a really functional website for 2018.

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