You are currently viewing Calligraphic fonts and how they add value and style to your designs.

Calligraphic fonts and how they add value and style to your designs.

Fascinate your prospects with curvy calligraphic fonts.

The calligraphic fonts style of writing has been around over a long period of time. Design creatives use calligraphy fonts to add style, elegance and a sense of class to their design. For me particularly I love using this font when am working on exciting projects in the field of fashion, beauty, interior design, daycare etc. This is because it excites the niche and people my clients are targeting. I do not work with them when am working on more professional outlook like healthcare, education, and finance. With this in mind, I tend to stick with the more conventional fonts that do not have many curves and can be read easily.

Getting the right font

Font style is a big part of branding. As a Tampa based website designer, I work with different brands from all industries but most are small businesses. When people ask what branding is, for me, it’s simply the way you are being perceived and described when you are not in sight. It’s the best image description of you so it is highly important when setting up your business. Do not ignore your brand, keep it together with powerful colors that flow with your business. We will discuss colors in details in another discussion.

Calligraphic fonts

Calligraphic fonts
Calligraphic fonts

Now let’s focus on FONT styles. There are the calligraphic fonts which are the super curly and artistic font styles. They are classy, stylish and powerful so it’s best to be used sparingly and not too much in the context. It’s best used as headings of articles, titles and main text of logos. If you are planning to use this font category in your logo, try to make it a part of your text and not the only texts because of legibility. You can check out some free fonts on this link free fonts

Calligraphic fonts
Calligraphic fonts

Decorative designs like wedding invitation cards, baby shower invites and wall texts often use this font style. Also, check out my portfolio to see how I have worked with calligraphic fonts.

Let’s discuss what you love about your brand, will you choose these calligraphic styles of fonts for your brand?

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