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8 Ways to impress your customers with your website and branding

8 Ways to impress your customers with your website and branding

There are no major rules of branding to winning the hearts of customers when it comes to locking them to your business but I will share some tips with you today to leave a memorable impression with your customers and keep them revisiting your website. No matter how long or short you’ve been in business, making a lasting impression on customers or clients is the key to getting it right with customer service and growing your business.

I personally give a warm welcome to my prospective clients when I talk to them on phone or meet them but how about when your website is the first thing they see before meeting you, what will you have them see first? what will you want them to think of you? That why I put together this post to show you how to make great impression even when you are not physically available.

Make your website easy to navigate

Give your website a design that makes it easy to navigate. Nobody wants a website that does not have the users in mind while creating it. Add easy to use inquiry forms to have them submit queries or add a chatbox for them to talk to you right from the website if you have a social media manager that can be available for your working hours. Everyone loves a fast and direct response to their queries. This will surely make them recommend you to more people and keep coming back to visit your website to purchase or do business with you.

Website design layout

Update your website regularly

Nobody wants to visit a website that does not get updated with latest company updates often, make sure your promos are on top of the webpage because if you do not give a visitor what they want to see on your website, you will lose this prospect.

Add basic important information on the homepage

Try your best to put the main information you need your customer to get on the homepage so that they will not be discouraged into leaving the page without the information. Use main page banners or slides on your homepage to attract your customers. Make sure there is an action button to make them want to read more or buy from you.

how to get more website visitors

Stay connected to your customers with social media

Stay connected with your customers through your social media accounts. Send thank you e-mails to all your customers regularly and keep them updated about your upcoming ventures. Communicating with your customers on a regular basis would signal to them that your business truly values them.

Tailor your about us page to showcase who you are

Use this page to set yourself apart, detail your best assets and showcase who you really are. Add exclusive details that will make clients trust you so that they will be prompted to doing business with you.

Use a creative theme or design which includes footer design

Keep your website looking rich and friendly with upgraded footer. The footer needs to have well laid out buttons connecting to your social media, image of your logo probably in another variant, search bar, contact details, newsletter option if you have. Do not cluster your footer but keep it beautiful. I even add background images on footers depending on my clients.

Add a cool contact page so people can be excited in contacting you.

Would you introduce yourself and not leave how to be reached after your presentation? This is why you need to have a well laid out contact form page that aligns with the theme of your website.
You can also add a call to action on main pages so that the website visitor can reach you easily and faster.

Don’t skip the reviews page

This page is a great way for your customers to really believe you have a great product and that other people have bought from you and done business with you. It generates a social proof that your business or product has been used by others and you are very reliable. You can link google reviews or create a review page that aligns with your website theme.

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